Laboratory Services

Nipro Laboratory Services offers analytical laboratory services for pharmaceutical packaging.

As being part of a vertically integrated company, Nipro Laboratory Services is responsible for the analytics, guiding the development and production processes of our pharmaceutical primary packaging. In supporting the entire process, Nipro Laboratory Services has acquired an exceptional expertise in analysis related to pharmaceutical primary packaging.

You will work with a service partner with comprehensive understanding of the analytical data/information, state-of-the-art analytical equipment and wide-ranging solutions to industry problems.


Advanced equipment

We operate a distinct assortment of advanced analytical equipment dedicated to testing and characterization of pharma packaging.

Nipro PharmaPackaging - Lab services

+     Exceptional expertise

Over 100+ years of technical and scientific expertise in pharmaceutical packaging equips us with an exceptional knowhow in chemical, mechanical, physical and thermal   properties of packaging material, as well as the related analytics.

=     Enhanced quality

We support Pharma companies in finding:

– suitable packaging solutions for new drugs
– improvements in the packaging quality of existing drugs

in order to increase the drug-packaging compatibility to enable safer administrations.

Analytical areas

Glass analysis for chemical & physical properties |

Glass fracture analysis |

Particle analysis and characterization |

Glass defect microscopy |

Aggressive/accelerated studies |

Pharmacopoeia tests |

Infrared & SEM/EDS contamination analysis |

Glass durability study |

Extractables & leachables study |