Hypodermic Needle Range

More than 40 years experience in manufacturing premium hypodermic needles for the medical and pharmaceutical industry.
Our needles are known in the market for easy and comfortable administrations.
Continuous and timely supply to our customers is provided by our large manufacturing infrastructure.

Nipro PharmaPackaging - Hypodermic needle - Hard case


| Hard case packaging allows easy integration into manufacturing process |

| Precise bevel design allows smooth puncture with minimal damage to the vessel |

| Ultra-thin wall results in easy & fast administration of viscose fluids |

| Homogeneous siliconization minimizes knocking effect during administration |

Compliance & Quality

To realize our customers’ raising quality demands, all quality aspects are controlled precisely. 
All hypodermic needles are made of medical grade materials and are latex and PVC free.
Products are for single use, have a shelf life of 5 years and are ETO sterilized.




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