LInC - Benefits

The Perfect LInC to Drug, Fill-Finish, and End-user



Ensuring compatibility between drug and closure
A fundamental link in ensuring maximum drug closure compatibility thanks to carefully selected rubber stopper material.

D2F Syringe Tub


Maintaining container closure integrity
Nipro’s new integrated luer lock closure system links precisely to D2F glass syringes, thereby maintaining container closure integrity.

Fast time to market
An essential link in accessing the market by virtue of D2F-LInC’s optimal processability.
D2F-LInC is compatible with existing D2F tub & nest packaging solutions.

Administration with D2F syringe


Offering an easy opening
A crucial link in the preparation and administration process thanks to an intuitive and easy opening.

Enabling precise connections to accessories
The luer lock adapter ensures a precise link to hypodermic syringes, giving the end-user maximum flexibility during preparation and administration.

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