Groundbreaking X-ray Inspection System for PFS Closure Assembly

X-ray inspection system

We have further upgraded our state-of-the-art PFS assembly process by installing a groundbreaking 100% in-line X-ray inspection system.

This innovative, double-stage X-ray inspection system is significantly increasing the accuracy of closure placements. With this technology added to the already highly sophisticated camera inspection system in place, we have implemented another quality step in order to manufacture pre-fillable syringes that meet the quality requirements of the pharmaceutical packaging market, today and tomorrow.


Pulsed X-ray, low irradiation. 

Aspects controlled:

Pierced and bent needles | Dimensional inspection | Inspection for damage | Correct assembly | Inclination | Orientation | Depth of needle penetration into solid part of needle shield


Improved Total Cost of Ownership
Less risk of closure failures during Fill&Finish operations due to 100% in-line inspection of needle & closure.


Patient Comfort & Safety
Safer and more comfortable injections thanks to significantly reduced risk of bent needles or pierced needle shields.


Gentle Inspection Process
No risk for the product as a result of applying pulsed X-ray, low irradiation (radiation grade lower than the exposure during a transatlantic flight).

If you would like to learn more :  

Watch the on-demand webinar | April 2017

The article published  in the “Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Packing Sourcer (PMPS)1 | February 2017

1 This article is taken from Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Packing Sourcer February 2017, pages 42-46. © Samedan Ltd

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