Laboratory Services

Lab Services

Optimizing your packaging characteristics!

Nipro PharmaPackaging is a vertically integrated company that draws upon decades of experience to create an exceptional knowledge base. In addition to producing high-quality primary packaging, Nipro translates this expertise into Nipro Laboratory Services: analytical laboratory services that guide pharmaceutical companies in finding suitable packaging solutions for new drugs and improvements in the packaging quality of existing drugs.

You will work closely with a service partner who has a comprehensive understanding and exceptional know-how of analytical processes, state of the art analytical equipment, and wide-ranging solutions to industry problems.


Analytical areas

Glass analysis for chemical & physical properties |

Glass fracture analysis |

Particle analysis and characterization |

Glass defect microscopy |

Aggressive/accelerated studies |

Pharmacopoeia tests |

Infrared & SEM/EDS contamination analysis |

Glass durability study |

Extractables & leachables study |