The Powder-Liquid Dual Chamber Bag (PLDCB) is an innovative primary packaging. The PLDCB combines the storage of a powdered drug and diluent in one infusion bag. By simply exerting higher pressure on the diluent chamber, the seal between the two chambers is forced open, and the content of both chambers can be mixed with each other. 

Nipro PharmaPackaging - Powder-Liquid Dual Chmaber Bag (PLDB)


| Simplified preparation procedure of a powder drug and a diluent |

| Closed system mixing procedure reduces risk of contamination |

| Prevents dosage and volume errors |

| Easy bed side preparation and administration |

| No oxygen nor humidity are permeable through the packaging |


Compliance & Quality

Our manufacturing sites are constantly monitored and improved to meet stringent quality standards to satisfy the quality requirements of Japanese and worldwide customers.

  • Tested according to USP 36 (<661> Plastic Containers) & JP16 (type B, CD, COP).
  • Tested according  to USP 36 (<661> Plastic Containers) & JP16 (diluent chamber).
  • Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Agency (PMDA – Japan) approved & audited
  • GMP certified

Manufacturing process

Dual chamber bags are part of our contract filling option in our Pharma facilities in Japan and Vietnam.

Size and specifications

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