Double Chamber Syringes

Ensuring an optimized reconstitution is an important step in providing safer administrations. This step is facilitated greatly with our double chamber prefillable glass syringes.


Nipro PharmaPackaging - Prefillable syringes - double chamber


| Simplified preparation procedure of a powder drug and a diluent |

| Closed system mixing procedure reduces risk of contamination |

| Prevents dosage and volume errors |

| Easy bed-side preparation and administration |

| Needle shield increases user safety |


Compliance & Quality

Nipro’s quality management system is ISO 9001 and ISO 15378 certified, safeguarding that all process and products are complying to prevailing standards.
Syringes are registered under the Drug Master File III.


Manufacturing process

Double chamber syringes are offered as pharma packaging as well as part of our CMO operations in Japan.

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